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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Late LFC Tour Journal. Day 3 (part 1): an Emotional Roller Coaster

Boss finally granted my wish to dismiss office today. Couldn't be happier than that. So, first thing to do that morning was... texting my senior, Nana to go to Mulia together. We planned to give cookies to Gerrard, Lucas, and me, of course, to Martin Kelly. She made the cookies a day before. It was my idea to give such presents to the players. I mean, normally they got pre-season diet, yes. But a bite or two wouldn't be a problem. Heheh.

So... we got a cab, off to Mulia at 10-ish am. When we arrived, there were groups of people waiting for the whole players. It's like watching a band, there was this fence about a meter or so that the hotel put there to make us moved back. NOT GOOD. LFC closed training were scheduled 2 times a day, 10 am and 6 pm. It's getting crowd as a larger group also waited outside where the bus parked. Suddenly an Official told the hotel security that there wouldn't be any training that morning and the players wouldn't go anywhere too. SOBS.

I went up to a room of Nana's friends, apparently they booked one. Couldn't bear with their stories about coincidences! if you know what I mean, THAT coincidences: accidentally met random LFC players IN THE ELEVATOR and took some pics with them. YES. THAT COINCIDENCES. It's day 3 and I didn't get ANYTHING! Frustrated!

It was until someone checked the timeline when another someone updated a pic of him with MARTIN KELLY. Martin Kelly was downstairs at the reception! with John Flanagan. I didn't know what they did down there but I was MORE THAN JUST FRUSTRATED. I WAS ULTRA FRUSTRATED! So I went down.

Nothing left about Martin Kelly and John Flano existence. Just a bunch of people talked about it. 
MY GOD... 
"where the fuck is Martin Kelly!?"
I met Wafina again, this time she was with her friends, waiting for rooms to book. Phew... 
I told her about the hunting plan. Once she finished the business with the reception, we started to hunt. I came up with the idea to play the elevator. As Wafina's room was on the 29th floor so logically we could stalk the 23rd and 24th floor where the team stayed. Ok, so 24th floor. Door opened, SECURITY. Ok, closed. Then 23rd, we saw Jordon Ibe walked away. Oh kay... last destination: 5th floor, the lounge, the gym, the pool. Door opened. MARTIN SKRTEL, Mother Father!!! Couldn't help but addressed him spontaneously.
He turned his sight to me.
Just when I took my camera off my bag, these girls ruined everything. They mobbed him like maniacs. I, on the contrary, didn't get anything but a pic of Skrtel's head. Yes, his head. ONLY.

Not only Martin Skrtel, there was Raheem Sterling, whom some people called snob. He's not. He stopped to give autographs and some pics. I never fancy him so... skipped. The last player there was Iago Aspas, the new lad. He was super nice. I got a pic with him, a close-up one. And oh, he's got gorgeous eyes and smile also. FINALLY, a pic on day 3!

Done with Iago, I went to the lobby and had a chit chat with Andhika Suksmana. He told me that the 4 players who'd be at FX for meet and greet... *drum roll* MARTIN KELLY, Jordan Henderson, and the ink brothers, Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel. YES. IT'S HIM. I didn't want to go to FX at first. I knew the crowd would go crazy. Until David texted me, convinced me to go there. Ok, FX, coming through!

As predicted. THE CROWD WAS INSANE. Too many fans there. I hurried, joined Dan and Jason. They told me about the mystery guest, which I knew earlier. Hahaha. I showed them my cookies. Dan took a pic of me holding the box and immediately posted it on Liverpool Echo's Twitter. Jeez... my hair!

I couldn't stop jumping and squeezing Dan's arm. Jason was there to calm me down, and I was like "HOW COULD?" Martin Kelly! it's Martin Kelly! My Man! Don't tell me to calm down because I can't. As we waited anxiously outside (well, Dan and Jase weren't anxious, it's just me), FALSE ALARM, again! The lads were already inside. Probably they took the same way like God last night. Jeez!

Dan, Jase, and I ran inside the mall. Thanks to Jase, I came inside as his working partner. Heehee! When I got there, Skrtel-Agger-Hendo-AND MARTIN KELLY were already sit on the stage. 

Okay, so here's the situation: I LOST MY MIND. Didn't know what to do, like totally blank. Seriously last time I got this syndrome was when Hyde sang Forbidden Lover on stage. I swear to God I needed my Mom so much. Jase was busy photographing while Dan was recording some videos with his iPad. Nobody's there to catch me if I fainted!

I made it to the front line, so I could make sure that Martin Kelly noticed me. My to-do list: 
1. Look at him, don't lose sight, maintain eye contact.
2. When he notice, tell him "I love you" as many as I could. Don't stop til he react.
3. Give him the cookies
4. Ask him to sign the jersey.
5. Take a pic.

I looked at Martin Kelly. I smiled from ear to ear, I was like looking at my future husband :D When Kelly noticed me, I started to say this nonstop line of
 "I love you, Kelly. I love you. I love you so much!" 
lost count on how many times I said that but his reaction was beyond godlike! HE NODDED, THEN SMILED, AND OUR EYES WERE LOCKED FOR A FEW SECONDS. My Fowler, that was intense!!!

I type this with smile on my face fyi, hahahaha. I think my cheeks are red now. Liverpool red, yes. Okay, where were we? Oh, yeah. That I love you thingy. Actually I jumped to the number 4 first. I took my jersey out of my bag and showed it to him. I said, 
"Kelly, please sign this for me. Please, please." 
The fact that I didn't bring any marker made me borrowed one from someone who's got his turn first. Thanks to you, Man in Glasses! ☺

Typical Indonesian security, annoyed me with his insignificant warning. "No autograph, just photo." Unfortunately, Martin Kelly disagreed. He's angry at the security and told him, 
"no, I want to sign hers. Let me." 
I got the picture showed how angry he was. Most romantic scene ever! :')

I was warned at the 1st day that Martin acted snob. Well, it was all wrong! He was sweet, indeed... :')

Next thing to do, handed him the cookies. At the photo session, I jumped on the stage together with BIGREDS members hahaha. I was probably the only one who didn't wear any LFC related outfit. So I made it to the stage... NEVER BEEN THAT CLOSE TO MARTIN KELLY. MY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT FOR A SEC. I adore this man so much you could tell by the way I look on this picture (I found it on Propaganda-Photo, thanks Jase!), hahaha, I'm a total hopeless romantic!

As you can see, he got the cookies already. That, my friend, was the box. Inside it, my friend, the cookies. :') I made Martin Kelly brought a cookie box with him. HAPPINESS! When I handed him the box, I told him 
"this is for you..." 
he said, 
"thank you" 
in a husky voice then looked at it quickly. MY GOD... could you please look at me instead??? (Well, it's true that he's a shy guy. Ah, my Taurean... ♥) I must thank Dan for recording a short yet priceless video of me gave Martin Kelly cookies, he even uploaded it on Youtube. Thanks, Dan! 

I made it. I made all the to-do list. I'm happy that although my legs were turned into jelly that moment, I could manage myself not to faint. Phewww... You know, I learned a lot from day 3. Don't stop, don't lose hope cause the beginning is always the hardest. I thought I'd never met Martin Kelly but I made it. I made all the to-do list. Thank God!



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