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Monday, 29 July 2013

Late LFC Tour Journal Day 3 (part 2): No Rain, Let's Train!

After I rode the roller coaster of emotion, I got back to the business. Task: tickets distribution. At the same day, LFC's open training was about to begin. Unfortunately, we ran out of tour scarfs that were complimentary given to BIGREDS members :( apologies all the way. Some people got angry because of this so we did the best we could to calm them down.

Task done. Off to the stadium. I was with Hanifa again. Honestly, I haven't seen other players or the whole team squad to be exact. Sad, of course, but hey... I just met the Man of my dream. Bittersweet. Besides, having LFC in Jakarta alone is already a blessing.

So we walked to GBK. We met Paul Cumming, accidentally. If you don't have any idea about him then what a pity. He's a great man. I'll let you find out about him here or go to his Twitter account @papuansoccer. When I saw him walked with some people (which I believed they're from Detiksport), I immediately noticed him. Paul was wearing LFC 2008 home kit (possibly yes) and a hat. His hair was almost gray. When I approached him, he was a bit surprised because I was a little too excited :D

half-screamed I shook his hand, and said,
"Oh my God, you made it here. I adore you so much!"

trust me, my friend, I tried so hard not to cry at that moment.

Paul gave me his warmest smile and answered me in Indonesian,
"Thank you...yes, still alive and able to watch Liverpool."

right now, I'm feeling this spine-tingling and almost drop a tear. 
"please stay healthy, Paul."
I said my wish to him as I looked into his eyes.

"Thank you..."
he smiled and we shook hands as we split up.

"see you tomorrow, Paul."

I'm glad I met Paul Cumming. I followed his series of unfortunate events and couldn't believe that this Old Man finally made it. His wildest dream to watch LFC on the pitch came true on July 20th 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia, the country where he experienced so many poignant occurrence. Oh, Paul... I wish you well. 

When I got into GBK and sit, I realised that I forgot to take a pic with Paul. Damn. I didn't make it with Stevie G. it's kinda ok but with Paul? Hmmm, ok maybe tomorrow I could do that.

And so we watched the Red Men trained. All of us BIGREDS members sang YNWA passionately. It was only a training session but still, YNWA never failed in making me goosebumps. I wonder what would it like on matchday. :o

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