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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

World Elephant Day

How to Celebrate World Elephant Day

August 12 is World Elephant Day. We created this special day to raise awareness of the worsening plight of elephants. Poaching, habitat loss and human-elephant conflict are just some of the issues threatening the world’s elephants. World Elephant Day will raise awareness of these issues and encourage the global community to work together to support the conservation of these magnificent creatures.

To celebrate World Elephant Day, we are showing the documentary Return to the Forest on our website.  What are you doing for World Elephant Day? Here are some ideas:
·  Host your own World Elephant Day and screen the Return to the Forest documentary with friends
·  Share your favorite elephant stories, photos, videos, and books with us on Facebook
· Post a photo of yourself holding the reasons you love elephants and pin it to the WED Pinterest Board
·  Write a poem about elephants and share it on your blog or on World Elephant Day’s Facebook
·   Sign the pledge to support a world that protects elephants, wildlife, and their habitat
· Donate money to an elephant organization working to conserve and protect the elephant population. Visit the Associates page to learn about elephant conservation organizations worldwide.

Help bring the world together to save elephants. For more information on World Elephant Day and how you can help visit: www.worldelephantday.org