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Friday, 5 July 2013

First World Problem: One OK Rock or Metallica?

Here comes July, bulan yang penuh dengan pengeluaran. BOROS should be its name instead of July. Well thanks to LAMC Production for bringing both One OK Rock AND Metallica to Jakarta on November and August THIS year.

20 yrs wait is over, said Metallica. On the other hand, One OK Rock is one cool j-rock band. Beda sama Laruku sih, tapi mendatangkan band Jepang ke Indonesia itu rada susah. Nggak tau deh kenapa. I personally think that Laruku's first concert last year was probably their last one, too. 

Well, thanks to my Aunty for introducing me to James' voice when I was a little girl. My music taste is pretty eclectic since then. Ah... coba ya memilih itu nggak sulit. One OK Rock concert will be held at Skeeno, Gandaria City on November 24th, while Metallica's will be rockin' the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium on August 25th. oh, Man... THIS IS GONNA BE HUUUGE!

Say... Taka?

or James?


atau Om-om?

Gaaahhh... decisions, decisions.

Until then, I'm gonna play their songs today. Just for some enlightment, you know, one over another. Peace out \mXm/ 

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