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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Late LFC Tour Journal. Day 2: No Martin Kelly, More of The Legendary.

I had a great week. Ever. Like the best week. Wasn't able to blog since I got busy with few things regarding the LFC Tour in Jakarta. So, I'm gonna sum up what I've been doing recently.

Thursday, July 18 2013.
I was working at my office, no focus at all. Like AT ALL. I mean, how could I? I was in the same city with Liverpool FC ffs and I haven't seen them. Not even their bus! Frustrating!

I left my office to pick Hanifa up at Sarinah. We went to my dorm first to get ready for Supporters Club Night. It was raining a bit and we're getting prepared. As the TJ took us to FX, we're sooo excited. We talked about what should we do to get autographs and photos, it's a fangirling thing. But the fact that we weren't able to come to Mulia and rushed to FX instead, made us even more frustrated. Well, FX was so Liverpool as I could see the Shankly's gate at the main entrance as well as the gigantic LFC team billboard.

This Supporters Club Night we had was organized by BIGREDS. We invited the members to meet the 3 Legendary Players: Ian Rush, Robbie 'God' Fowler, and Didi Hamann. I personally have met Ian Rush in KL 2 years ago. This was my first time to see God and Didi. I like Didi. :)
The night before, I was at Goedkoop for a final meeting about this event (which never happened actually, I was waiting for more than 2 hrs there when the rest were at Mulia with the LFC team. OH!). So the preparation was not that smooth tbh.

Things gone manic. Members started to fill The Cone. I myself helped Hanifa and Wafina on the merchs booth. People deffo shopped! Well, this LFC Tour was the 1st time ever so I didn't surprise at all. So... while we were waiting for God and his lads, I met David, Jason, and later, Dan. They worked for Liverpool Echo and Propaganda Photo. On the first session, we had Jane Kavanagh from LFC to explain about the Tour and tonight's agenda. She's a bit confused with our wacko MCs. :D

Went down to grab myself a cup of iced peach tea then Jason and David came along so we had a chit chat. We were talking for a few moments then we realised that God and his lads weren't coming through the main entrance. I rang Andre at the Cone just to make sure that they're already upstairs and YES, THEY WERE. I brought my DSLR camera to photograph them when they're coming BUT they didn't appear. So up to the Cone we rushed! I apologized to David, Jason, and Dan. I didn't know, at all. Fortunately, I was forgiven. Thanks, Guys.

the 4 of us ran like crazy to the crowd at The Cone. Luckily we didn't lost the best moments. When we arrived, God led all members to sing YNWA. Oh my Fowler, that was intense. 

I took every picture I as quick as I could. Goosebumps all around. This was just a small gathering but still, it's YNWA they were singing.
The night was almost over as Iyan (@fagan1892) the designer of LFC Batik and The Kopiah were getting ready to present them to God and the lads. I must say that these Legendary Players were TOO CUTE in batik shirts. Like seriously, have you ever seen them put some shirts on plus the kopiah in front of you? NO. And this was the first time. Me likey!

My favorite, I must say, again, was Didi Hamann. Oh my Fowler he's TOO CUTE! I took some pic of him struggled to wear the shirt. Hahaha.

Look at his tummy. Hahaha, Didiii you're just too cute! He's got the same smile just like the old days. Pity I couldn't take a pic with him. :(

After the whole crowded hours, God and Rush moved to the next room where they had meet and greet session with few listed members. I didn't see Didi around (where was he actually?) I was gonna ask him to take a pic or two but in vain. Didi's gone already.

The meet and greet session turned out to be a little quicker than the original plan. God and Rush didn't want any photo session with fans, didn't know why. I looked at some people and they were disappointed a little bit. Anyway, it went well as God and Rush were in the good mood.

Jane handed me and friends LFC membership vouchers. WE WERE HAPPY TO RECEIVE THEM. Thanks a bunch, Jane!

and Jane's surprise presents were the end of LFC Tour Day 2. HAPPY. :)

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