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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Song Stories: Kasabian - Fire

This morning I just found out that one of Kasabian's songs which is my fave was about sex, or something sexual, as Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno said on this video. I always checked on NME's website whenever I got on my desk. Idk, it's like a habitual activity in the morning. Duh!

The first time I read the lyrics, I thought about something related to drugs since there's this line "burn my sweet effigy" (smoke?). Another line "wire me up to machines I'll be your prisoner" (a prisoner of certain addiction?) and "find it hard to believe you are my murderer" (well, drugs the murderer?). But then when Premier League used this song to be an opening, I kinda changed my perspective, that the person here is on fire (excited, determine to do something (good)). Well, I was all wrong. So, let Kasabian do the math for ya...

P.S.: I like it when Sergio explained as if he had no clue that this song would be a blast. Hahaha. Simply brill. 

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