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Monday, 3 March 2014

My November Concert Parade: VAMPS at Hyper Wave Fest

The 2nd time I went to Hyde's concert. The 2nd time I wasn't able to see him in person. The 2nd time I got brokenhearted. I didn't know where the hell all my luck was. Unlucky Rani.

Enough with the sadness. Actually I was a little bit lucky since I could afford the VIP section. Good Lord. Last year, I was only standing at the back. Not even the middle row. I was so exhausted and kept gasping for fresh air. L'Arc~en~Ciel's 1st concert was INSANE. Too crowd! I couldn't make it to the front row. Pity.

Since the first debut, VAMPS had me at the first single. Yes, Love Addict got me addicted. It was so refreshing. Apart from his musical genius in Laruku, Hyde's experimental project with K.A.Z has successfully became a hit. If you are Laruku fans, you might still find it a little in VAMPS, but just a little. The more you listen, the more you know that VAMPS' playful rock is so refreshing.

Personally, I adore K.A.Z's guitar playing. It's totally different from Ken's. The funny thing about their partnership was the way Hyde 'found' K.A.Z through the same way Tetsu did to him in Laruku. Hyde kept making fun of Tetsu who stalked him for a few months before finally addressed him in person. Hahaha. Hyde is too cute!

So... there was I. At Lapangan Kolam Renang Senayan. Hard rain, a raincoat, and an umbrella. It rained so hard for a while which literally made me wet from waist-to-toe.

The rain stopped exactly at 10-15ish mins before the show started. There you go, a line of impatient people rushed to the front stage.

I got this setlist from setlist.fm which I believe already leaked days before. And yes, the setlist was precisely accurate. These were the songs VAMPS played in Jakarta:

I was kinda satisfied with the sequence. Good for the audience mood. Mine included. Oh, before the show started, VAMPS' crews were bloody busy mopping the wet stage before putting all the properties needed. You know, Hyde's stand mic, coffin, etc etc. Like seriously, it took them more than I thought to finally get the stage done. 45-ish mins or so but that's fine. I myself didn't want something bad happened to my Hyde also. :')

The concert began with red lightings all over the stage. I noticed Hyde's coffin there, it was the centre of attention. Then the intro started, Hyde showed up in a see-through black shirt. See-through, unbottoned, bare chest. *GASPED* Good Lord, I was one lucky girl. He wrote an 'XIII' on his chest; number 13, unlucky number, number of death (in Tarot). Hyde is pretty much obsessed with such things. You know, that's so him.
One thing I loved the most from the concert was the part when Hyde started to communicate with us in Indonesian. His broken Indonesian articulation made me laughed so hard, I mean... he was sooo well prepared for certain words. He said that he wants to eat the coolest audience (which he never did) "Gue pengen makan penonton yang paling seru!!! Dimana yaaa???" and that was enough to made all the women screamed so too very loud. This man is indeed born with charm. I myself shouted at him, too, "EAT ME!!! OVER HERE!!!" well, it's all about fangirling when it comes to Hyde. ;)

K.A.Z was exceptional. He didn't lost any melody. His stage act was exceptional for someone at his age (that's a compliment, K.A.Z). My favorite part was probably when he had a face-to-face guitar moment with Hyde. 
K.A.Z brought all his custom made ESP guitars. So sugoi that he replaced his guitar in most every song. ESP guitars are just awesome!

As if my ultimate exhilaration was not enough, Hyde later made my whole heart fell to pieces. He messed with my emotion. What song? Sweet Dreams. I cried so very hard and I didn't know why. Hyde is more than just an idol, a rock star, or a genius musician to me. He's my savior. My kind of Jesus. He helped me through the worst moments in my life. He encouraged me to be a braver human being. Most people would find it strange since I only know him through his works as a musician but do you ever wonder what kind of magic music could bring to one's life? That happened to me. I knew his life story, his weakness, how he made all that imperfection turned into perfection... I was inspired by him. His songs are strong. So strong that they could move every fan's heart. You'll understand if you're a fan like me. No further explanation needed. :) 
In Sweet Dreams, I could relate to him in the deepest bond. The feeling of a distant lover whose heart is set on you. Wherever he goes, he always think about you like always wonder how do you look, what kind of clothes you wear, and the way he wants to share every single joy of his trip when he come back. Also, the reason why I cried because I couldn't meet him in person and he's about to go and I didn't know when I could see him again. I was only a few metres away and I could only cry so hard. I guess the camera guy caught me cried in frame which made me a little aware. What if Hyde might see me cried? Ah, that must be too normal for him. I remember last year when he cried during Forbidden Lover. I was that lucky. I saw him cried on stage.
I always had this unexplained mystical experience with Hyde. The only emotion which himself and I knew. I do hope he will come back sooner or later so that I could have the chance to see him in person. I've always wanted to show him the 'H'. I wish the very best for Hyde in the future. 愛してるよ~:')

I would like to thank Hyper Wave Fest for bringing him to Jakarta for the 2nd time. Though I wasn't that satisfied with HWF's people, but VAMPS' performance made all the inconvenience gone. Til we meet again, My Lifetime Obsession... 

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