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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My December Concert Parade: TOTALFAT at Jak Cloth

Another late post but still worth to remember tho'. I blame myself for being so lazy blogging lately. Anywaaay... I started my December with another Japanese band's concert. Well, this time a punk/melodic-core band named TOTALFAT. I personally knew them since 2007 when their Hard Rock Reviver album released. Shun, Jose, Bunta, and Kuboty formed TOTALFAT in 1999 and their 1st album was released in 2003, so technically I was 4 years late. -___-

I didn't know my brother also a fan of TOTALFAT until I posted a song on Path where he dropped a comment. Too bad he couldn't come. So, I decided to give him a birthday present which I never did before hahaha. The night before the show, TOTALFAT had an intimate, well, that's too sweet for a band, ok friendly dinner and unplugged session at Home Ribs.

I never met these guys before, I never knew what kinda person they were. Just based on the videos and some interviews, I assumed they were nice. But the truth is: THEY'RE GENUINELY NICE. and funny, and crazy at the same time. BOYS.

I asked them to write birthday greetings for my brother and whatever message they wanna say. I told Bunta that my bro adores his drum playing and always wanted to be like him one day, so Bunta wrote a very encouraging message: You'll be the best drummer in Jakarta (which is an epic fail cause my brother lives in my hometown, Yogyakarta. My bad Bunta couldn't remember that.)
The guys only brought 3 additional persons with them, I believed they were the manager and the PAs. I was amazed by their efficiency. Well of course Shun brought his own bass, Jose and Kuboty brought their own guitars, and Bunta brought his own sticks and pedals. I mean, the simplicity and efficiency were totally proper. Not to mention for their extra sweetness, I gave each of them a gigantic bar of chocolate and some fried tempeh to the PAs and manager.

TOTALFAT played 3 songs in their unplugged session. The 1st song was requested by me. Ahem. Because I missed home at that moment so I want them to play Bruised. So happy since it was my first time watched them live. I tried to upload the video here but I guess the size was too big. Failed. Anyways, After a lively unplugged session, I took some photos with the boys. ;)

And finally the D-day! I arrived at Parkir Timur Senayan with my friend but unfortunately she couldn't make it til the show started. Too bad since I got the privilege TO BE WITH THE BAND ON STAGE. Kudos to the new buddies! Ta da~~~ I was standing next to Bunta Sugawara (kyaaa~~~) I didn't waste any second I got. Man, that feeling I got on the stage was priceless. Not to mention, THE VIEW. It was amazing to see their fans from where I stood.
I witnessed Bunta played drums next to, in front of, me! I know this pretty much of fangirling thing but trust me, there were a lot of guys who fell in love with this man. Like seriously he was 'attacked' by fanboys :D
I never thought that they played so good. Yeah, some bands are just good on the record but not-so-good on stage. TOTALFAT rocked the stage though they only played around 6 songs (thanks to the stupid rundown!) Room45, Party Party, Place To Try, the live version were better. Jose's voice reached the high notes smoothly. He always had this herbal syrup before he performed. Ah... a revealed secret.

Shun then made speech to the crowd. He said that he missed Jakarta and TOTALFAT had such longing to see their second home. Then he told a story behind the song Dear My Empire which I never heard before. Thanks for sharing it with us, Shun. It's such a deep song. And they started to play it... WOW!

Oh yeah, there was this funny moment on stage. It was Kuboty who suddenly said something in Indonesian. A long gag line... "nama gue Kuboty. Gue masih perjaka. Gue suka coli!" while pointing at himself, what he said was: my name is Kuboty. I'm a virgin. I love to masturbate. XD
Kubota Yohei is such a funny guy. He's a bit shy at first but once you knew him, he's a total nut! I had a little chit chat with him at the backstage before their turn. I always wondered did he wash his hair regularly? so I asked him that question. And yes, he said that he did wash his hair today. It was true. His hair smelled nice. LOL.
The show ended at 1:00ish AM. Thanks to the fans who didn't left the venue although TOTALFAT was the last band to perform that day. The crowd screamed for an encore but unfortunately there ain't one since it was only a fest. I do hope that someday TOTALFAT will come again for a concert. Before they got off stage, they took some pictures with the crazy fans as background. If only the venue was bigger, it would be more awesome.

I bought TOTALFAT t-shirts for myself and my brother. Bunta also gave me his signatured drum stick which made my day! 

and that's how I sum up my 2 nights with TOTALFAT. Would love to repeat it again sometimes in the future. ありがとうございます。。。^^

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