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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My December Concert Parade: TarO & JirO at J-Music Lab

Hello again, another late post of my last year concert parade. This time I went to J-Music Lab in fX. The event was held by Japan Recording Association in order to introduce Japan Music to Indonesian audience. Those who already familiar with J-Music were more than pleased to see some talented musicians since day one. I missed Kaname Kawabata show and I feel gutted. I mean, I'm a fan of Chemistry (his duo group along with Dochin Yoshikuni) and it's a rare event for me to see Kaname live. I think he/they won't be coming again in the future as Chemistry remain in hiatus for unspecified time. Kaname has the voice that could easily melt your heart. Soulful.

Speaking of soulful, the show I attended was pretty much soulful and invigorating at the same time. It was my first time seeing 2 brothers who shared the same passion in guitar playing. I know Miyavi, the Samurai Guitarist, whose skill level is rarely seen (read: killer!). He's got the unique 'slap' style like a combo of shamisen and bass. He sings, he plays drums as well, and my bad that I missed his performance 2 years ago *SOBS*

Anyway, these 2 brothers named Taro and Jiro (no, not the legendary Antartica dogs. Though I believe they might be legends in the future). The brothers were once said that their guitar skills, uhm, somewhat Miyavi-esque. Tbh, that was one of the reasons why I got to see them live. And yes, they reminded me of the Samurai Guitarist.

But that was only in a glance since they also mentioned about Miyavi as one of their influence in playing guitar (no surprise). Taro and Jiro were more merry, jolly, frisky etc etc on stage (I reckon the age factor. No offense, Miyavi.), also because they're BROTHERS! There's no need to do such technical communication on stage. I found it kind of bizarre whenever Taro (the older brother) called "Jiro... (let's do this)" and BAM. They killed the stage.

The brothers shared parts equally, meant that Taro was not the dominant one just because he's older or Jiro played less part than Taro. I had to admit that I enjoyed their show so much. I went there nearly clueless, only familiar with one song I played on Youtube, Silent Siren. I had no idea what kinda song they'd play. Like I always said, the most fave part of every Japs show I went was the Bahasa Indonesia part. Hahaha, Taro and Jiro were trying their best to communicate with the audience in Indonesian. He also used some slang terms. Nice try, Taro.
Taro and Jiro both played acoustic guitars but don't be fooled by the word 'acoustic' here. You'd see these guitar effects and pedals they brought to turn their acoustic performance into a rock n roll one. I play guitar for fun and when I saw them live I was like, "I should've played often from now on..." Jiro's 'ammos' were plentiful since he played the kick pad too. So technically Jiro sang and played both guitar-kick pad. What about the tempo? oh yes, he was too good at keeping it. Don't even ask about losing tempo to these 2 bros.


They performed for about less than 2 hrs. They played some new songs from their first album. I had no idea what the titles were but I enjoyed them. Taro and Jiro said that their debut album (at that moment) was in progress and would be released next week (December 11th 2013). I tried to order the album online but then I remember about Indonesian troubled custom. I'd probably ask my friend in Japan to get a copy for me.
Silent Siren was played twice that night. Like seriously, the song was kickin ass. It wasn't an encore, no. We just loved the song so much. And yes, I would like to see them again, maybe on the next J-Music Lab? :)

for more information about these deadly rockin brothers, you can visit them here.

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