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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Run, Rani, RUN!

First ever morning run since I moved to Jakarta. I'd regain my fitness again because I lost it to some serious surgeries in the past years. Time to start all over again.
Easy pace this morning. Minus the Kang Ojek who ruined my pulse counting. I hate it when someone interrupt me. My new running shoes feel good on my feet. Light but not as light as the 1mio ones (still don't get it why ppl spend 1mio cash on running shoes, me can't afford it also), anyway... I emphasize on its basic function so yeah...
Besides, I bought it on a very reasonable price... very reasonable one. I bought another pair for my sister as well. Best offer. Smart shopper. It's not that I'm gonna use it everyday. That's why. Function.

I might end up in my office's gym tomorrow. Hahaha...
Have a great Sunday everyone!

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