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Monday, 15 December 2014

I Can't Believe They're Still Asking The Same Old Question.

Oh hello, Blog... long time no see. It's mid-December now and I'm kinda curious about the coming year. Always like this. I wonder what would happen to me later or whom am I gonna meet or leave, but above all these things, there's only one thing I never worry. It's the same old question: when will I actually get married?

Frankly speaking, I am at my best now. Being away from home has opened me up and made me realise things I never had in my life before. I love my life so so much. Like SOOO MUCH. It's not that my previous life was awful or something but it's way better now. Life as an adult is so much more enjoyable. Oh, and by adult I meant a single adult. LOL.

Mom and Dad never see me as an adult. I'm forever their little girl. So this time when I'm away from them for the first time, they became overrated. Not to mention the overdramatic reaction when Mom texts me. Jeez, my old folks need to calm their tits. Parents, I'm totally fine here.

I love my life now that I'm not even worried about it, and about my single status..... trust me, I'm totally cool with it. Like I said, I never been this happy before (like capital HAPPY). I left my ugly love life behind and it was the best decision I've ever made. I'm so fine even when my friends tell me anything about my Ex, it doesn't affect me. At. All. I'm so done I surprise myself. 

Oh, and I have one ridiculous moment when my Ex's new GF stalked my IG. She accidentally liked my post. I was like, "why would she do that?" I myself stopped checking his life 2 months after we broke up. Because you know, you could still catch the feeling when you did that. And I didn't want it. What's gone is gone. I had more than enough. So I posted a rotten e-card about the stalking stuff because I found it so funny, and again, my annoying friend told me about the new GF reaction against it. She really did stalk me. Calm your tits, FFS. LOL

Not a single female can make me jealous over a man I already dealt with. I'm a Taurean, so mark my words. If he was worth keeping, I'd still have him.

My Ex is an Ex for a reason. I'm a firm believer in second chances, in most situations. But if it doesn't work out the second time around, I would stop giving out chances since it's called a "second chance" and not a "third chance". Even if this person means a lot to me and I love him with everything I have, someone is always getting hurt and getting disappointed, and that right there....... is not love.

I bet you told your friends about how crazy I was and I bet you forgot to mention that it was your fault.

There's nothing about my ugly past that could harm me now. I live so very well in so very happy life. I'm glad I had the chance to know so many new people in my 2nd year here. Some of them became my favorite humans who occupied the special place in my heart. Some of them are the reason why I have trust issues in men, LOL. I thank them for bringing so much joy and love because this is the part where I find out who I really am. A weirdo. :))

Most of my new friends are guys (regardless their ages), and the first question they asked me was the same one: "why are you still single?"
Because I want to? because being single is a good feeling, no drama, no heartaches, basically I'm a girl with the personality of a dude. LOL. JK.

I'm a free soul indeed but I will settle down for sure. When the time comes, I'll know what to do. So, Mom and Dad... calm your tits. I will bring you home a gentleman.

SINGLE? No, I'm just in a relationship with FREEDOM :)