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Monday, 12 August 2013


Here's the situation:
You two text each other like often, very often, with those words only a couple usually use to text.
You two tease each other.
You two are (just) friends.
You fall for him.
He pulls himself away.

Here's the problem:
You kinda, sorta, like him a little more than you originally planned.
Apparently, he's playing a game and you are currently his favorite one.


How come?
1. He texts many girls. MANY means more than one.
2. His definition of 'girl friend' is a bit different from yours.
3. He thinks it's OK to flirt. Flirt is his kind of friendly.
4. He doesn't have to be a boyfriend or being committed to get such affection from girls.
5. To him, it's nothing to lose.

This certain person surely made you mad. Mad about yourself. Mad about letting him made you insignificant. Mad about the current situation. Mad about almost everything related to him.

On the other hand, he doesn't feel like it. Once he found out that you're getting attached to him, he left immediately.
It's in his nature. Bored. Left. 

False alarm?
False hope?
Mixed signals?
He got them all.

Familiar with everything above?
Congratulation, you're officially in a flirtationship.

Run. Before it's too late.

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