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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

an Impromptu Visit in the Morning

It was 8:00-ish am when Ibu Tabita told everyone that the Governor of Bank Indonesia already stepped into the Tipikal Building, our office. So, we're a bit busy tidy up here tidy up there... just to make sure that every thing was precisely in its place.

8:30-ish am, Agus Martowardojo came into our division. He was wearing a long sleeved light-brown batik shirt. His hair was neat, I believe he used some kinda hair gel or wax... anyway, he's one proper man. Everyone shook his hand and greeted "good morning," then he asked for a few questions to our Boss.

My other Boss suddenly raised his hand up and addressed the Governor, "excuse me, Sir, but can we take a photo?" and Pak Agus nodded.

So... here's the photo of our division with Agus Martowardojo, the Governor of Bank Indonesia :)
Good day, everyone!