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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I Stopped. He Noticed.

Couldn't recall when was the last time I texted him. Days, I guess.

What do you expect when you text someone?
a. a quick reply
b. a less quick reply
c. a late reply as in 'better late than never'
d. no reply (well this is not quite an expectation but shit happens as they probably feel reluctant to reply or maybe you're not THAT significant)

I declared to give up on him since he didn't reply my text for more than 48 hrs. I began to think the D expectation. No reply PLUS the fact that my existence is not THAT significant according to him. Or else, he might think that I'm kinda annoying which I think I'm not. Hey, I rarely text you. You know it and you also know that my texts were mostly none of those I'm-trying-to-make-myself-close-to-you lines.

I think it's 99.9% accurate when we stop doing certain thing to certain someone, that's the time when they notice you. Your existence. Your certain thing. YOUR TEXT, to be exact. That's the most common thing or I may say... natural. If you wanna get their attention, stop giving yours. That's how nature works, Baby.

I myself found that he's kinda felt guilty for ignoring my almost-one-week text. Usually he never text me THIS long, almost like a normal convo when we're hang out. Wait, I rarely hang out. With friends, yes. Just us, NO. I only remember last week I decided to stop. Well, give up on him, to be exact. I was ready with my white flag... for real. But now? Oh, Man... I don't know what should I do to him. Well, I know but I'm trying to seek for some excuses. Lame.

Don't lose a grip. Just. Don't. Lose. 

What is it with boys wearing glasses?

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