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Friday, 28 June 2013

Fifty Shades of Grey-ed

"Oh, Anastasia... what you do to me?"

I melted and smiled to myself every time I read Christian Grey's line. I'm probably late about all this Fifty Shades hysteria but trust me, better late than never.

At first I didn't notice what those 3 books contained or read what the critics said. Last time I checked, I was busy sinking my thought into Christian Grey's persona. Frankly, I was quite impressed by his multi-polar character. If I were Anastasia Steele, I would do the same thing as there are always 3 sides to every story: his side, her side, and in the books their (dr. Flynn, Carrick and Grace, Elena, and probably Taylor) side. It's not easy being Anastasia Steele. I know that kinda feeling exactly. I'm glad it's just a bipolar person I deal with. But bipolar itself is more than enough. It's really really time consuming.

The Fifty Shades Trilogy left me mostly jaw dropped and smiled ridiculously. A pretty nice combo I must say. I mean, I read similar books like Harlequin or else but Fifty Shades were rather edgy. I remember I finished the first one this January and to be honest, I was influenced by Ana Steele's smart mouth. My sharp-tongued has been developing better since I knew Ana Steele. Hahaha. Thanks, EL James. You made an inspiring tenacious woman here.

Erotic? Well, yes. I heard some negative comments about Fifty Shades' prose but I didn't find it really like that. I mean, there's some light comedy inside which probably didn't need those artful literary sentences to describe. It's... fine. 

Maybe Christian Grey is a BDSM lover or probably the exquisite figure of dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Despite of whatever the name he got, his life changing process is one interesting issue. You see, we can't change people for what they are but we can be the reason for people to change. In this case, Christian's gradual changes were mostly because of Ana. Christian Grey had no fear. His first ever fear was probably the departure of Ana. He was devastating and had the lowest point in his life since he was left by his crack whore mother. This version of Christian Grey, I like, A LOT. Well who doesn't love to see a man of our own cries because of us AND in front of us? It's good to have someone who's afraid, very afraid to lose you.

The appearances of Anastasia Steele's inner goddess. This is more like our hidden alter-ego. Whenever I read about it, a scene of Sakura (a female ninja character in Naruto) appeared in my head. That's the inner goddess. I think every single woman got one inside. It's fun!

What else I love from the books... hmmm... their amusing emails! I giggled when I read each of those. The subjects changed, the signatures changed, the use of capital letters, quite entertaining. 

I myself have some gorgeous men in my head that might be perfect figure to be Christian Grey; well, at least when I read the description of him, these 2 men were in my head.

Meet Todd Anthony Tyler. A Canadian. Former model and now a photographer. He's got the Grey's eyes, Grey's mega-giga-terawatts smile, but not copper hair. Todd is a very warm-hearted celeb I've ever known. He followed me on Twitter and gosh, he's suuuuuuper nice! The fact that he's married to Karina Smith (who's so gorgeous, as gorgeous as he is) is kinda heartbreaking. Life is unfair... they're sooo perfect! Ok enough with the drama, here he is...

I would love trading places with Karina even just for a day. I swear I can stare at those eyes for everrr!

Ok, next. Alexander Skarsgard. A Swedish actor. I knew him from my favorite series, True Blood. He plays as Eric Northman, a very old vampire. He's tall, like TALL and no copper hair but still, he's the other figure who popped up inside my head whenever I read any description about Grey's anatomy (apart from Todd, of course).
This one, reminds me of Grey's study. Alex could dye his hair into copper and transforms as Grey perfectly.
The look! OMG, the look! It's so Christian Grey.

The photo below shows that Grey's hang-off-hips jeans which drives Ana (and I) crazy... Alex, you ARE Christian Grey!

Am now reading the third book and maintaining my expectations, hahaha.
Well, for those of you who never read the books, read. It's not a bad deal for a newbie reader to start some erotic (as what wiki said) genre experience. I myself get a copy of the first and since its addictive effect, I read the 2nd and 3rd on my phablet. So here I share the ebook version of the 1st and the 2nd.

Enjoy and laters, baby... ;)

Download Fifty Shades of Grey free here

Download Fifty Shades Darker free here

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