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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Counting. Big Days. This Week.


Long time no blogging. Right now I'm at the office. Office? yep, you read that right. Office. Been doing office life since a week ago. Not in Jogja but Jakarta. Damn right, beyond expectation.

I never thought my journey would end up this way, I mean, office life. Can't even imagine but anything happens for a reason, right? Anyway, as days go by... I'm kinda enjoy this whole new thing a bit. Little by little. :)

People here at the office are mostly friendly and kind-hearted. Pretty much different from what I thought before (assumption, heheh). Got 2 partners that also fun to be with. Office life is good, so far. :)

Just had an important meeting this morning. First time in this kinda occasion. I love meeting new people. Thanks to BI :D

Big days. Big days. This week. What are the big days?

April 25th.
April 27th, and
April 28th.


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