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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Thank God My Boyfriend Doesn't Like Football

Why do I thank for that? At first, I thought it would be great IF my boyfriend loves football as much as I do. I imagine myself and him enjoy watching a match together, screaming and yelling like mad... it would be great if he loves the same football club like mine. Isn't it cool if we two sing YNWA and the fields of Anfield Road? Hehehe.

Okay, that was just my imagination. Truth is... he doesn't like football. Well maybe he plays it but not a fan of it. Every boy used to be a little football player, right? Idk why he doesn't like watching football match if he himself plays it regularly with his friends. BUT, there's a good thing about him dislike football. Like I said, it would be great IF he likes the same football club as mine, Liverpool FC; but it would be bad if he likes the opponent clubs such as manchester united, everton, and recently the new home of Nandito, chelsea. I can't imagine if that happened. I might end up scratching his face or do the hair-pulling during the match. Hahahaha. That's why I feel glad because he doesn't like any football team at all. You'd better keep it that way, sweetheart.

But then it becomes very dilemmatic when I want to watch the match and he's around. That's a very dilemmatic situation. I remember when we were only passing through the place where all the Liverpool fans in my city gather to watch the match and I just looked at his I-dont-feel-like-I-want-to-watch-it look, so we went away.

And last weekend, finally I could go there cause he didn't come to see me. So I went there with my beloved friend, Emak. I was like "this is where I belong..." hahaha...

I'm looking forward to watch the next match if I could manage the time since it located a bit far from my house. Hehehe. But it's way better than watching it in my room, cause when I scream like THAT, my Dad would get pissed.

And this is the end of my random thoughts today. I'll see ya when I see ya!

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